lauantai 5. elokuuta 2017

Touring Finland - finals in Helsinki



Tessin emännän tekemää tilauskesäkesäkeittoa.

This is "summer soup", a traditional Finnish dish:
potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, peas ... herbs, salt & milk.
Thank you so much Lea for cooking,
and the latest gossips, of course. Mille grazie.

Close up Tessu.

Close up again with Tessu.

My great hosts in Helsinki Murtsikka and Leena, 
and my Facebook pal Haagan Veijo, 
was so nice to meet you all in BRYGGERI.

And such a nice surprise: ROSEBUD buddies Iia & Hannu
came to the same bar, but to a different party.
Thanks for the book!

16 years old girlie transporting almost 60 years old traveller
on a VESPA. Holy shit, that was exciting! 
And fun. Those bumpy 500 meters or so in Puistola.
Thanks Anni, I'll come again in two years time
when you have your driver's license and a car.

Asian tourists are trying the Venice trick,
but the seagulls do not come and eat from their hands.
Seagulls are used to steal food from tourists,
innocent tourists who do not want to have 
anything to do with the seagulls.

Seems to be exciting.

Nice spot in Helsinki.

Beautiful bird, no question about that.

Czar Alexander checking the action on the square.

Also at the airport the Asian tourists gather
together to get a pic of the big Finnish bird.

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