keskiviikko 23. elokuuta 2017

Matala muurahaismaja


It truly is very nice to have some wine
 growing next to your kitchen wall.

It truly is not so nice to have those ants everywhere.
Especially around the kitchen corner.


Actually the ants can be very useful, they take care of
dead insects, everywhere.

Today my task was to cut off all the grapes
hanging in front of the kitchen wall.
Unfortunately those grapes are not eatable, since a couple of years 
there is some kind of fungus causing the grapes to become
very hard and of grey colour. 

Poisonous? Do not know!
At least the ants truly love them.
That is why there are all of those ant-highways up the walls.

I tell you, after getting one ant into my eye 
and thousands running along my arms and legs ... 
I had to give the ants a powerful shower
before I could approach the cutting area.
And afterwards a shower and a swim made me feel better.

This yea no homw made wine, let's see who's got the answer 
how to get this plant healthy again?  
Or do we just have to throw it away and start with a new one?
Comments welcome!

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