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Cedercreutz und Raasepori-Harjavalta

Touring Tammisaari and Harjavalta.

Our "hotel" in Tammisaari, perfect location.

Cosy backyard, perfect for catch up talks.
Was good to see you girls again,
we studied and shared flats in Porvoo.
When? Do not ask ... end of 70s!!!

And strawberries. I told you, July is strawberry time in Finland.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

HERNE = Erbse / pea
MANSIKKA = Erdbeere / strawberry

Lucky me, this was not part of my meal!

We did enjoy our late lunch in Albatros-restaurant,
can be seen in the background.

For the dessert we chose Knipan, 
another traditional harbour restaurant as well.

Knipan is known for funny crayfish parties.

Very nice location, indeed.
Even with heavy rain ...

After the rain we took a walk downton.
This used to be the fire station.

In which city are we now ... yes: Tammisaari.

Tammisaari has nice corners.

Quite many flee markets.

Beautiful evening skies in the evening.

No Problem to walk on the streets.
Where are all the people?
Well, found some in a bar where a live band was playing
cover versions of rock'n roll ...

Yes, Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence this year.

Such traditional design products.

Tammisaari church.

Church from inside, surprisingly light. Nice.

Seen at a corner.

Actually TAmmisaari is nowadays called Raasepori.
A bit confusing but ... one has to get used to new ideas.


And now we already are in Harjavalta.
This the SATALINNA hospital kind of thing.
Looks at this beautiful building!!!
Could work as luxury spa hotel as well, couldn't it?!
Siis ihan oikeesti, SATALINNAN iso kompleksi 
on Wikipediankin mukaan kaupan:

Se sijaitsee Pirilän kaupunginosassa aivan Kokemäenjoen rannalla 
sen pohjoispuolella, noin seitsemän kilometrin päässä kaupungin keskustasta. 
Sairaalan omistaa Satakunnan sairaanhoitopiirimutta
kiinteistöt ovat tällä hetkellä myynnissä.

The building is hidden behind old trees, just beautiful.

Blossoming trees.

The second big sight in Harjavalta is this huge dam.
The view to the lower side.
The thing in the middle is not a bridge but 
a canal where the logs where transported down
next to the this dam.

Here the other side, such a cool river ...
Yes, Kokemäki river, much, much wider that the Main!

Details of the dam.

Did you know that you can do all kinds of winter sports in Harjavalta???
Ski jumping, slalom, curling ... and of course, traditional cross country.

This versatile city of Harjavalta also offers art:
Cedercreutz Art collection.

Unfortunately closed on Saturday evenings.
A reason for me to return back to Harjavalta again.

Not only sculptures but also silhouettes by Cedercreutz.

The museum is based on the lifetime work of Baron Emil Cedercreutz: 
the art museum collection, the Harjula Artist`s Home 
and the Temple of the Rural Spirit.

Hey, look at this action in Harjavalta city!
I started to rename all those wide streets to avenues,
especially the one with the swimming facilities:
Avenue de la Piscine ...

What is this?
I tell you: here you can wash you carpets/rugs.
In Helsinki they do it directly at the water,
but in Harjavalta there is this cool location
with running water, also with "mankeli" and area for drying.
Just cool.

Thanks Aija & Pasi for the perfect tour.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KÄRSIVÄLLINEN = geduldig / patient

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