tiistai 29. elokuuta 2017

Cala - Cap -Can ... all Majorca and kitchen duties


Let's start with the kitchen duties: fig pie made by my sister.
This truly is the time for figs.

Oh yes, I#ve become a kitchen wonder:
cooking marmalades or similar ... this time with figs and ginger!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

VIIKUNA = Feige / fig


A cloudy day but people enjoy swimming in the sea.

Well, same day, different beach: Cala Aguilla, at Cala Ratjada.
Longer beach, more people. 
But our visitors tested the sea water: good, warm, salty.

This bar was funny, like a bingo hall.
But cool location, a bit off the beach. And nice beach food.

Unfortunately we did not have time to stay and listen to live music.
Tanny Mas was scheduled!

Visitors' obligation: the guest book.

Capdepera old town offers cosy lanes and narrow paths.
A perfect walk after heavy dinner.

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