lauantai 26. elokuuta 2017

Beach life in Cala Millor


Beach life in Majorca?

Let's see what's up in Cala Millor.

High season, I would say.

This I would call a fun beach.


Wanna escape? Fly away!

Or move towards Costa del Pins. 
Less people, less action, great bar and restaurant: Mauri.

Or even more quiet: Betlem.

In Colonia Sant Pere there is a chance to see the sunset
on this side of the island.

Two fotography students, mother who likes to takes photos,
and, of course, my hubby, who nowadays only takes pics by his iPhone.
How many cameras do you normally carry with you?

Proven by my hubby:
even iPhone pics can turn out brilliant!

My phone pics of the yellow butterfly.

And another one.

And let's let's check what the Majorcan nature is offering this time.
Some housing projects at our entrance door.

Vispas, says our dear Cati.
And then cleans it all away.

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