tiistai 22. elokuuta 2017

August greetings from Llevant!

What's up in Llevant?

Llevant (Catalan for "East") is a comarca 

on the east side of the Balearic island of Majorca. (Wiki) 

Very international Sunday meeting in Dar Ahlam.
We spoke all languages: Finnish, of course, Spanish, Mallorquín.
And must say, we did learn some new words: UEP.
Yes, that is Mallorquín and can be used very often: hi, bye bye ... etc.
Kiitos Tiina and enlarged family for your visit!

From our garden. Figs! And even more to come.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

VIIKUNA = Feige / fig

Paint job done. Now you cannot miss the crossing!

The summer in Majorca has been and still is: hot and dry.

One of our olive trees before.

The same tree after. Am testing some cutting methods.

And now we get to the fauna part.
This guy kept me company whilst repotting some aloe vera plants.

This bored frog could not care more about anything.
Iron made.
Actually: since when do frogs have noses?
Looks a bit like a mouse, indeed.

Here we have the dead mouse from the pool.
Yes, we live in the country side. In the middle of the nature.
At least the bees were happy, giving him kisses ...

At night time Artá town looks so pretty.
No, we have not yet moved down here.
Just imagining how it would be to live here permanently.
Hot? Humid? Boring? Just make the best of it. If.
Elämä on.

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