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Touring the west coast of Majorca


Here we are, on the sunny island of Majorca.

Before we start the tour towards the west coast
we admire the art of the local artist in Cala Ratjada.
Inviting girls.

And some boys, too.

We cannot sleep because of the almost full moon
or because of the heat?

We cannot know if the watermelon in our garden is ripe or not.
This was definitely not yet eatable.

Lucky enough there are other things to be eaten.
Nobody starts a tour hungry.

The island of Sa Dragonera seen from Sant Elm.

Bloggerlady in action.

The bay of Sant Elm seems to be a boat people's meeting point.

All kinds of boats.

Very charming furniture, wonder if one can buy those chairs anywhere?

The gate with the stars.


Check this: the view from the street to our hotel pool.
In Banyalbufar.

View from our room. Not bad.
Actually very enjoyable.

The name Banyalbufar is a combination of Moorish and Catalan
 and means founded by the sea. This area was inhabited and cultivated 
by the Moors in the 10th century who created around 2000 terraces 
on the mountain slopes and a sophisticated irrigation system
 of aqueducts which still work today.

The sunset.
This sunset pic with penny tree.

Without penny tree pretty boring, I would say.

And this is the actual view without zooming.

Good night.

After dinner walk in the the little town of Banyalbufar.

Next day heading further to the mountains.

Leaving Banyalbufar behind us.
Sure you can spell the name now?

Sorry, but those boring flowers just pop up everywhere.

Hm. Local design. Hm again.

Fantastic magnolia trees, this seen in Valldemossa.

In the same town an artist called Stephan Ebert
showing his tin soldier collection
arranged as art.
Clever idea. Scary scenes. 

Caterina Thomàs i Gallard was born in Valldemossa on 1 May 1531 

and is the only saint from Mallorca. She was beatified in 1792 

by Pope Pius VI and canonised in 1930 by Pope Pius XI. 

All over the town you cannot miss these tiny tiles.

Showing sceneries of Santa Catalina's life.

Read more here:



Typical flowers.

Yes, it's good to pay a visit in a church,
especially on a hot day ... San Bartolome.

I do like those pot arrangements.

Kind of a bike.

Many shades of gray.

In Deia you climb up and down.

Less flowers, more decoration.

Finally reached the second stop over: Port de Sóller. 
Another room with a view.
Had a great tour operator behind this trip, my friend Barbara.

The town of Sóller could be seen from the harbour town.

Port de Sóller is connected with Sóller by this historical tram.

Modern art along the promenade.

A port is a port.

View over Port de Sóller before sunset.

Bring nature pic by iPhone.

The highest mountain could be zoomed from here:
Puig Major.

Puig Major is the highest peak (1445m) on the Spanish island of Majorca. 

It is situated in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. 

Finnisch für Anfänger:

MAJAKKA = Leuchtturm / lighthouse

Fancy but not so comfy chairs.

A quick visit to Fornalutx again,
unfortunately the main bougainvillea blossom was done already.

Often referred to as the ‘Prettiest village in Spain’.

Leaving the valley behind us, getting up to the mountains.

Somewhere there is an artificial reservoir area.
It's pretty hard to impress Finns with tiny lakes 
and water reservoirs, so sorry.

The way through the mountains offers pretty sceneries.

Earlier totally unknown for me: the Santuari de Lluc.

The Santuari de Lluc 
is a monastery and pilgrimage site located in the municipality of Escort 
in north-west Majorca. It is located in a basin on a height of 525 meters 
and is surrounded by a number of high mountains such as the Puig de Massanella. 
The sanctuary was founded in the 13th century after a Moorish shepherd 
found a statue of the Virgin Mary on the site where the monastery was later erected.

There are many things to be seen and visited.
Remember the frogs im my previous postings? Also in Lluc.
The museum offers a large collection of almost everything.
I can recommend it.

Next to the lunch cafeteria Barbara spotted some eucalyptus trees.

How come they have all different options for seeds?
I have to visit a garden center again,
later in the fall, though.

Read more of the mountains of the west coast here:

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