perjantai 7. heinäkuuta 2017

Siebte Siebte - seitsemäs seitsemättä

Schnapszahl: 7.7.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SEITSEMÄN = sieben / seven
HEINÄKUU = Juli / July

Almost seven melons growing in our garden.

More than seven Agapanthus blossoming.

Neighbor's field, food for seven winter months, or more.

Swimming guaranteed for all seven days of the week.

Two of seven agaves in Son Mol.

Seven balls above the water line.

Seven times seven, seventh heaven for the bees.

Seven miles away, or maybe closer: 
Cala Ratjada seen from the promenade of Son Mol.

Frangipani scents better than 4711 (Kölnisch Wasser).

Pool girl's catch of the day,  one of the seven sorts of pool insects.

Seven pool noodles still hidden away.

Seven kilos juicy fruit and much more,
visit to the street market today  in Son Servera.
Welcome Tartaruga and Co. to Dar Ahlam!

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