sunnuntai 2. heinäkuuta 2017

PIECE und andere Stücke


Summer exhibition in the SCHIRN art all in Frankfurt.

Was ist Frieden?

Find the six golden chains which are hidden in this room full of wool.

Wool is peaceful, indeed.

Installation. Piece?

New logo. New piece.

Toys. Piece?

Water can be peaceful.

This poodle installation ... peaceful?

Yes, Clément ca chercher.
I have to look for piece in the exhibition as well.
Must go again, did not really get the point.
PIECE is on until 24th of September 2017.

And around the Schirn and Dom area there are more pieces of art.

Hey, this is all free! Walk around and admire.

And then enjoy a coffee in the cosy (!) corner!

Frankfurt, you are getting there, the new old town.

Yesterday we, SISU-team, participated the summer party 
and flea market of radio x.
Wishful thinking: we all had our sunglasses with us.

But honestly, these hats from Lapland were much more useful.
July started in Frankfurt with heavy rains and low temperatures.

More pics in here:

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