torstai 13. heinäkuuta 2017

Majorcan fauna


Well, these ice cream animals ..

... and the disco tigers ... seen in Cala Ratjada.

In our garden.

Dead fellow in poshy Port Andratx

This could be a tortuga. Eatable!

Donald seen in Port Andratx.

Toros in a gallery in Port Andratx.

Foto shooting in Valdemossa.
There must be some animal tattoos there as well.

Art in Deiá.

These guys can climb every mountain.

And these guys climb every wall.

You too, the look before the first coffee?


Friendly fellows.

Church decoration in the Lluc monastery basilica.


Frogs are so easy to take pics of, they hardly move.

And are very decorative.

Well, this tiny fellow in our pool was faster.
Did not want to use the flash.

More boring pictures from the sunny island to follow!

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