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Vuosisadan juhannusjuhla - Mittsommer in Berlin

Berlin, Berlin, immer wieder Reise wert.
Bunt, bunt bunt.

Türeingang in Prenzlauer Berg.

ODEssaBAR, the Russian bar, had Finnish midsummer decoration:
birch trees at the entrance.

Ensin työ, sitten huvit. Press conference at the Finnish Embassy.
Finland celebrates 100 years independence.

- Markku Keinänen, alivaltiosihteeri, ulkoministeriö (Suomen ja Saksan välinen kauppavaihto)

- Pekka Timonen, johtaja, Suomi 100 -sihteeristö (mitä juhlilla halutaan saada aikaan)

- Johtaja Paavo Virkkunen, Finpro / Visit Finland (matkailu Saksasta Suomeen vahvassa nousussa)

- Jyrki Oksanen, Finpro/ Visit Finland/saksankielinen Eurooppa (matkailu Saksasta Suomeen vahvassa nousussa)

- Lili Lehtovuori, senior advisor, Finpro/ Food from Finland (suomalaisten elintarvikkeiden vienti Saksaan)

- Kim Palhus, pääkokki (Suomi 100 -menu)

- Minna Aila, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Nokia
- Roman Schatz, berühmtester Deutscher in Finnland
- Muumins

Decoration birdies.

Drawing from nature and his passion for art glass, 
Toikka has created more than four hundred birds in the last forty years.

Yes, the Mummies - what? NO, dear Autokorrektur, no mummies but
MOOMINS were in Berlin.
How exciting ... or not.
But they were advertising the brand new
The World's Only Moomin Museum in Tampere.

The Moomin Museum’s first permanent exhibition 

retells the entire story of the Moomins, 

starting from the Great Flood and the mad midsummer’s 

floating theatre to the puzzle of the lighthouse and 

the mysterious disappearance of the Moomins 

one grey November day.

Kondolenzbesuch für Helmut Kohl in Bundeskanzleramt.
So sorry, the book was there only from 18.6. until 23.6. 

Bundeskanzleramt is the place where Mrs Merkel met Mr Sipilä.

They discussed topical EU matters such as 
the swift deepening of EU defence cooperation and 
development of the Economic and Monetary Union. 
Other topics included themes for discussion 
at the European Council beginning in Brussels 
the following day, such as trade policy, migration, 
climate, energy and external relations. 

And the real party "Vuosisadan juhannusjuhla"
took place at the Finnish Embassy in Berlin.
All guests were photographed in front of the official logo.

Check for more pics in Facebook:

Here singer Tuija Komi gets the traditional flower decoration on her head.

Finns love singing.
Finns love choirs.
Here the most famous Kinderchor "Cantores Minores".

Cantores Minores, the Choir of Boys and Young Men of Helsinki Cathedral, 
was founded in 1952. Cantores Minores acts as Music Institute 
where tuition in musical theory and voice as well as some instruments 
is given to boys from age seven. 

Read more here, also in English:

The official beginning was postponed as the German minister
was stuck in the traffic. Berlin traffic, another story.
The choir is entertaining the invited guests,
Mr. Minister and Mrs. Ambassador are waiting for the speaker.
Waiting ... waiting ... waiting ...

Finally he comes, Mr. Gabriel, 
Minister for Foreign Affairs since 2017 and Vice Chancellor since 2013.

Juha and Sigmar. 
Ambassador Mrs. Koukku-Ronde wants to get the party going.

Funny, actually he was quite funny and friendly.
First in English and the rest of his speech in German.

This funny guy is the ever so active jazz pianist IIRO RANTALA,
playing in the Berlin party with Tango Alakulo.

Roman Schatz 
(deutscher Autor, Fernsehproduzent, Moderator und Schauspieler, 
der in Finnland lebt und arbeitet) 
telling the story of the famous Finnish Tango.
He also tried some tango singing ... stick to writing, dear Roman!

Interesting dress, Yona, guest singer of the band Tango Alakulo.


And Brita-torttua makean nälkään.

No party without Marty ... no I mean the Karelian Pirogs.

Hungry guests could not stop laughing while
interpreted Lappish melodies.

Wimme Saari, 
also known as just Wimme, b. 1959, Kelottijärvi, Enontekiö 
is one of the best known Sami yoikers from Finland. 
Wimme Saari combines traditional Sami singing 
with his own improvisations, usually to a techno-ambient 
accompaniment by members of Finnish electronic group RinneRadio.

And now people. There was a dress code for his occasion.
Dress code for a pretty formal occasion: black suit.
So, how should we interpret this outfit ... with a whole in the sock?

If you are not familiar with dress codes,

Jos kutsukortissa lukee tumma puku 
(Mörk kostym, Mörk kavaj, Dark Suit, Business Suit, Lounge Suit), 
mies pukeutuu yksiväriseen tai hillitysti kuvioituun mustaan,
 tummansiniseen tai tummanharmaaseen pukuun.

Puvun kanssa valitaan samansävyinen liivi, 
valkoinen paita, hillitty silkkikravatti, 
juhlavat ja mustat kengät ja sukat. 

A dark (either black or navy) suit with black leather dress shoes, 
a solid necktie or bow tie, and a white dress shirt. 
This combination also works well as business formal, 
sometimes simply called “business.” Feeling adventurous? 
Skip the belt and wear cufflinks to elevate your look.

Yes, hungry for Finnish food.
It was pretty delicious!

After the formal part the doors were opened for all public.
Unfortunately the security controls were very ... slow...
so that people at the end of the line got very frustrated,
many left the line and complained in the social media.

Yksi pettynyt bloggari toimi nopeasti ja sain huiman lukijakunnan:

Die Botschaft entschuldigt sich in Facebook:

Liebe alle, wir sind glücklich und überwältigt 

von dem riesigen Interesse an unserem 

finnischen Mittsommerfest. Gerade 

in der heutigen Zeit ist Sicherheit 

die wichtigste Voraussetzung für eine 

gelungene Veranstaltung und wir fühlen uns 

dafür verantwortlich, die Sicherheit unserer Gäste 

zu garantieren. Es tut uns sehr leid, 
dass es durch die aufwendigen Sicherheitskontrollen 
zeitweise zu langen Wartezeiten kam. 
Wir möchten uns dafür aufrichtig entschuldigen 
und gleichzeitig ganz herzlich allen für ihre Geduld 
danken, die durchgehalten haben und mit uns 
ein wunderschönes Mittsommerfest gefeiert haben!

Ja, es war schon voll. Und toll.

Vasta vai vihta? Se ikuisuuskysymys!

Occasionally one uses a bunch of leafy, fragrant
silver birch called a vihta (vasta in Eastern Finland) 
to gently beat oneself. This has a relaxing effect 
on the muscles and also helps to soothe 
the irritation from mosquito bites.

Bath broom.

Das russische Wort Wenik (russisch веник) 
bedeutet Besen oder Birkenrute und hat zwei Bedeutungen.

This was a real curiosity later in the evening:
Karelian Pirog with onions!!!
Never ever anybody in Finland would serve you this combo!

One highlight were the flowers.
You do not need to go to California to wear flowers in your hair ...

Later the flowers were all gone, 
but solution was found in birch trees!

Am not sure if in Finland they use "tilli" for flower garlands.

Finnisch für Anfänger: 

TILLI = Dill / dill

Party people.

Really, the party was good. Good music, especially the band
you should keep in mind.

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