torstai 29. kesäkuuta 2017

Berlin shots

Not just partying in Berlin.

Check the neighbour.
Yes, there at the window, enjoying the summer.

In Martin Gropius Bau there was still a photography exhibition

Die Ausstellung zeigt dokumentarische und inszenierte Fotografien, 
Zeitgeschichte und Alltag, Köpfe und Kurioses aus dem 
Boulevardjournalismus der letzten Jahre. Eine Auswahl 
aus den unzähligen Bildern, die uns tagtäglich das Wesen 
der Welt vermitteln und die, auf einer anderen Ebene 
als der Text und mit eigenen Mitteln, von Politik, 
Gesellschaft, Kultur, Medien, Zeitgeist erzählen.

I tell you, these pics are so big and sharp
that you can see the dandruff in the eyebrow
of one of these famous German persons.
And the lipstick lines making the mouth larger.

The reflexion in the eye.
It's the photographer.

My favourite portrait.
One of my favourite directors.


Actually it is very hard to take pics of framed pics.
You get reflexions or weird angles.

Love Kevin's pose on the right side.

Benedict-Sherlock's camera has been used a lot. 

Next to Martin Gropius Bau there is this tourist attraction:
Berlin Wall Monument.

A lot of dark history.

Oriental monument in the middle of Berlin. From Korea.

Cute details.

Great details.

In Frankfurt we had a similar building
but it was destroyed by fire a couple of weeks ago.
So dramatic, so stupid.

This Potsdamer Platz is such combo including
the most modern architecture and some remains of the wall.
And the Korean pavilion.

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