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Jazzahead! first details

Jazz ahead! - the German jazz festival since 2006,
networking for musicians and agents,
plenty of live jazz music.

Finnish ambassador Mrs. Koukku-Ronde from Berlin 
held a speech at the opening night.

Finland is the partner country for jazzahead 2017. 
Eight Finnish artists were performing at the official showcase.

Not only Finnish gin but also very special beer 
was introduced to the jazz people: 
Pyynikin Ruby Jazz Ale, including rowanberry.

And now some details, some faces.
Very much like these ear rings of the singer
of the band Elifantree. Look like himmelis.

 Drummes' faces are really interesting to look at.

Young men's hair fashion is fascinating.

Kalle Klima, THE jazz guitar player from Berlin also sings.

He sings with Jimi Tenor.

Detail of Jimi's shirt.

Dalindeo's trumpet player.

Coloured records you can also use as lamp shades.

Werner and Peter performed as Trio Elf.
This time without Tuija Komi.

Peter's facial expressions are worth following.

Another pair of interesting ear rings.

Kind of belt. Finnish folk hop fashion.

Nowadays singers can wear any footwear.

Tuuletar band rapping Kalevala,
the national epos of Finland.

Tuija Komi performing on Saturday night.

Drum detail.

Detail of a soprano saxofon.

I told you, the drummers' faces are worth watching.

More to follow in my next postings.
In the meantime check this link:


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