tiistai 11. huhtikuuta 2017

Tuesdays mercado semanal Artá

Especially if you have once or more often 
visited the little town of Artá
you know what a highlight Tuesday is:
market day.

Especially now during the Easter holidays
and summerly weather conditions
it gets pretty crowded on the main pedestrian street.
Funny, today I heard not only German
but Swedish, Danish, French, American and British English.

The chicken stand in the market hall is the hit.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KANA = Hänchen / chicken


Soap for every taste.

New t-shirt collection of the museum's shop.

Toro toro toro.

Today the bird sellers were not there.
But the noise was almost the same,
there were at least three school classes visiting the market.
On a day like this even the terrace of the Indian restaurant was full. 

Still a few seats available in the middle of the market.

A typical side street view in Artá.

After the market tour my chase for "Gelier Zucker" continued.
Finally was lucky to find it in the German retail store Müller.

Müller is really international:

By April 2016 they had a total of 736 outlets, 
526 in Germany, 51 in Switzerland, 36 in Hungary, 72 in Austria, 
11 in Spain (only Mallorca), 
15 in Slovenia and 25 in Croatia. (Wiki)

My plan is to make some orange marmalade
and it is easier with this special sugar.
Spaniards do not use that.

In the afternoon it was still 25 degrees in the shade.

This morning the first strelitzia started to blossom.

And this afternoon there were already two flowers.
These actually look a little like Easter bunnies!


 Another detail.

Wild ones.

Late mimosas.
It's confusing, there are so many different kinds of plants called mimosa.
However, all of them look nice. 

These ones I put in front of the guest house end of February,
still going on stronger than ever.

April in Majorca is like summer in Finland.
Even better: no rain!

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