sunnuntai 2. huhtikuuta 2017

Quick trips

Long weekend with touring around.

First to Wiesbaden, capital of the federal state of Hesse.

The city, together with nearby Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt and Mainz, 
is part of the Frankfurt Rhine Main Region, a metropolitan area 
with a combined population of about 5.8 million people. (Wikipedia)

Bonifatius church in the evening sun.

The present building was designed by architect Philipp Hoffmann
in Gothic Revival style and built from 1844 to 1849. 
Twin steeples of 68 m dominate the Luisenplatz. 
The parish is part of the Diocese of Limburg. (Wikipedia)

Here was the party for all "newcomers",
for all people who got their German nationality 
in the first three months of 2107 in Hesse.
Three speeches, all reminding that Germany is a democratic
country and one of the most important things in democracy is voting.

After the speeches and musical programme 
food and drinks were served and all "new Germans"
received a black bag as a gift.

Next day I joined the Finnish "girls'" dinner in Luxembourg.
Carpaccio we ate almost every Saturday 25 years ago.
Still tastes good.

And on Saturday it was party time in Zeppelinheim!
Happy birthday Beppo.

Yes, there is a slight difference in the price of gasoline,
Luxembourg still is cheaper.

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