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Join the zoo at Main

Frankfurt, city of bankers and ... birds!

Meet the young ones at the river.


Check check.

Afternoon walk.

Leader of the gang.

Baby swimming.

Mother drying her wings.

Family tour.

This I call relaxing.

Relaxed, too.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SINISORSA = Stockente  / mallard

What's up guys?

Let's bathe!

Blue eyes!

Close up.

Birds? Where? Let's check.

Die Nutria (Myocastor coypus), auch Biberratte 
oder seltener Sumpfbiber, Schweifbiber, Schweifratte oder Coypu genannt, 
ist eine aus Südamerika stammende und in Mitteleuropa eingebürgerte Nagetierart.

Well, I'll just enjoy the sun.

Two names are commonly used in English for Myocastor coypus. 
The name "nutria" is generally used in North America, Asia, 
and throughout countries of the former Soviet Union; 
however, in Spanish-speaking countries, the word "nutria" refers to the otter. 
To avoid this ambiguity, the name "coypu" (derived from the Mapudungun language) 
is used in Latin America and Europe. In France, the coypu is known as a ragondin. 
In Dutch, it is known as beverrat (beaver rat). (Wikipedia)

And swim away!

In Deutschland ist die Nutria an etlichen Gewässern in allen Bundesländern zu finden. 
Größere und weitgehend beständige Populationen gibt es unter anderem 
an den Flüssen Niers, Schwalm und Cloer am Niederrhein und an Spree 
und Saale im Osten Deutschlands, insbesondere im Spreewald. 
Meistens sind die Tiere, insbesondere in Parkanlagen oder auf Golfplätzen, 
an den Besuch von Spaziergängern gewöhnt und lassen sich ohne viel Scheu 
mit Gemüse füttern. (Wikipedia)

Check the clan.

So many different birds at the river Main.

Enjoy your walk at the river!

The Main (German pronun­cia­tion: is a river in Germany. 
With a length of 527 kilometres (327 mi), including the White Main as 574 km (357 mi), 
it is the longest right tributary of the Rhine. It is also the longest river 
lying entirely in Germany (if the Weser and the Werra are considered 
as two separate rivers; together they are longer). The largest cities along the Main 
are Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. (Wiki)

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