lauantai 15. huhtikuuta 2017

Country colours at Eastertime

Flowers everywhere, April seems to be one of the most
colorful months in Majorca.

Even the weeds look so pretty.

And the scents!
Here the jasmine, the air around it is full of sweet fragrance.

The scent of the orange flowers is even stronger,
it's absolutely mesmerizing!


Uups, sex scene ... is it group sex including the ants?

Unfortunately all our citrus trees are hit with this disease,
some kind of fungus/mold whatever, hard to fight against.
But funny enough, the trees still produce oranges and lemons.
Hopefully next year also some grapefruit.

Growing strong every year: quince, known as Quitte in German.
Here still a baby.

Growing strong as well ... artistic ideas!

Bougainvillea starting to spread around.

In one corner we have all these wild bloomers,
one following another, amazing colours and combinations.

Well, this bugger is mixing something up:
it's Easter, not Christmas, dear amaryllis!
Never mind, looks good.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Ihanaa pääsiäisen aikaa teille Mallelle!


odelius kirjoitti...

Kiitos Mur, nautimme kesäkeleistä.