keskiviikko 1. maaliskuuta 2017

SISU-radio Frankfurt new look

It is the only Finnish speaking radio show in Germany,
every Sunday between 11 and 12 hours,
broadcasting direct from the studios of radio x,
local radio station in Frankfurt.
SISU is feeding you with Finnish music and stories,
introducing and interviewing interesting people.
Since 1997.
Since yesterday SISU-radio has this fantastic 
new, mobile phone friendly internet look.

Here some of the images you can find on SISU's page.

Blueberries are truly my favourite berries.

Creating himmelis is one of my favourite hobbies.

Landscape photographs are not really my favourite pics.

Music belongs to my favourite past of times.

Composing is really not my favourite thing.

Thanks to Maritta of UNI DESIGN.FI 
for the awesome work and patient support.

Click for your favourite images and other amazing areas:
Photogallery, interviews, links to Finnish related pages,
get to know your SISU-team, and:
note the bank account and support your 
favourite Finnish radio show SISU!

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