sunnuntai 5. maaliskuuta 2017

Forna ... what? Lutx?

Quite a typical Majorcan name, the ending with tx.
Andratx, Felanitx, ...
pronunciation is something like tsh.

View from our balcony in Fornalutx.
Our? Our Finnish friends wanted to spend a few days 
in the Western parts of the island and I joined them for a night.

The authentic mountain village of Fornalutx is nestled high up 
the Tramuntana mountain range overlooking the Sóller valley. 
Often referred to as the ‘Prettiest village in Spain’, 
the stone buildings and red tiled roofs combine 
with the scent of the surrounding orange and lemon groves 
to provide a traditional rustic charm.

This is the main square, the place to be and to be seen:
Plaça d'Espanya. 

Our house seen from the road above.
No, we did not rent the whole house, 
just a room with a kitchen and balcony.

Entrance area of our pretty holiday home.
Pretty British as well, the owners originally come from Northern Irland.
Thanks Jutti for great research work.

These West coast valleys are amazing,
not only oranges grow there like hell,
also all kind of cactus plants seem to love the climate.

Yes, very romantic with tiny cobbled streets.

With flower decorations.

With mountain views.

 With cyclists, as everywhere on the island.
No matter how high the mountain, the bicycle riders can make it!

This kind of flower pot I must find, too.
And should you see one in camel design, tell me, plz.

Never seen a balcony decoration like this.
Not that I wanted to see it everywhere.

The view reminds me of the Alps and skiing holidays.

I told you, those cactus plants love it there, too!

My camera thinks the horizontal position is the correct one.

Evening view from our balcony.

And the iPhone panorama.

Das Bergdorf Fornalutx auf der Baleareninsel Mallorca 
wurde schon mehrfach als schönstes Dorf Spaniens prämiert. 
Es hat ca. 700 Einwohner, ist etwa sieben bis acht Kilometer 
von Sóller entfernt und befindet sich in der Region Serra de Tramuntana.

Whilst traveling it is always nice to read local stories.
Here a former police detective from Northern Irland,
actually the host of the apartment, 
has placed murder cases in his beloved village Fornalutx.
Easy reading for lazy afternoons.

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