tiistai 28. maaliskuuta 2017

Fides Patina


Works of German artist Fides Becker
can be seen in the Karmeliterkloster in Frankfurt
until 18. February 2018 (!).
Sounds like a permanent exhibition, indeed.

Opening yesterday evening was a great success.

Leute, in den nächsten Tagen wird diese Magnolie explodieren!

Such a huge magnolia.

Back to Fides.
"Stairway to heaven" 2008.
This is still from her period with collages.
(private collection)

In her earlier works she painted people, a lot of pretty women.
"Rodeo" 2008.

Now she likes cemeteries - ?

1998 her works were a bit different.
"Objekte der Begierde"

Love the catalogue "Perfect housekeeping",
including cleaning stuff and tapestry.

Our collection of Fides' catalogues.

Ausstellung "Patina der Zeit"
in der Karmeliterkloster is geöffnet: 
Mo-Fr 10-18 Uhr, Sa-So 11-18 Uhr

Institut für Stadtgeschichte im Karmeliterkloster
Münzgasse 9, 60311 Frankfurt-City

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