maanantai 13. helmikuuta 2017

Shelling and surfing


Winterly beaches in Majorca are absolutely fascinating.
Empty. But still things to be discovered.

Like the surfers. Look carefully.

Am still chasing for the best surfer pics.
This is not bad.

This is badder ... well, not so good but shows the waves.

I guess he noticed my camera.

Surfer footprints 1.
People, it's cold and windy out there,
these guys go into the water barefoot. 

Cala Agulla.

And this is the beach in Canyamel.
After the stormy weather last week
a lot of crap on the beach.

The waves were not so big as in Cala Agulla.

More surfers, more possibilities to shoot some pics.

But you need to be patient,
this is the position that the guys normally have,
waiting fo the big wave.

Actually looks like fun!

And girls can learn it as well!

Surfer footprints 2.

Bay of Canyamel.

Yes, shelling, yes, found many nice ones this time!

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