maanantai 23. tammikuuta 2017

Water - ice - art - Grüne Woche

This week Majorca has suffered from heavy rains and flooding.
I had my private flooding experience in Frankfurt.

Quite beautiful ice sculptures in the garden.
But how come ...?

Well, the garden gadget was not able to hold the water pressure anymore,
the faucet had not been fixed, so there was a little fountain.

Forming funny ice sculptures of hortensias.

Pretty indeed.

It's fantasy, isn't it.

Nature art.

Even with colours.

Quite on contrary to this Asian snack bar seen in Berlin!
All plastic, but colorful, indeed.

This also seen in Berlin, in a fancy, scandinavian design shop.
I could get rich  ...  if I started selling my tillandsias, 
here in the shop they charge 5€ for a tiny plant.

This is on e of my numerous tillandsias in our cottage garden.
They bloom in May, or so. In Majorca.

Back to Berlin, in the "Grüne Woche" exhibition
there is also a huge hall showing flowers and plants.

To remind us of spring colours.

University also had their own stand.


And the question is:
is this meant to be buried or you leave it in your garden???
Or you buy it as a garden decoration or as a bench, 
and when your time has come, down you go?
Modern funeral design. In Berlin, where else.

Unknown beauties.

Grüne Woche still going on until Sunday.

Die Internationale Grüne Woche 2016 in Zahlen

Bruttofläche (m²): 118.000
Aussteller gesamt:1.550; 
davon 523 internationale Aussteller aus 65 Ländern
Besucher gesamt: 380.000; davon Fachbesucher: 85.500

In my next posting I'll reveal the looks of the Finnish stand.

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