tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2017

to Go to Stay - Frankfurt? Yes.

Frankfurt, so busy.

No, this is not the new in bar in Westend.
It is a lawyers' office turned into art exhibition hall,
including free drinks.

Our friend Lisa, a busy instagrammer herself,
organized with her friend Sylvia an exhibition 
showing photographs and paintings of the city of Frankfurt.

The invitation said:
"Zu sehen sind Arbeiten im Kontext momenthafter Urbanität."

Journal Frankfurt wrote:

Werke von Instagrammern, die die schwierige Aufgabe hatten, 
nur eine ihrer Aufnahmen für die Schau bereitzustellen, mischen sich 
mit Fotografien von Ralf Werner und Claudia Sylter. 

Oderazzi says:

A very versatile and good exhibition, 
interesting views over the "Mainhattan".

For further visits please contact Lisa:

My Eastern Frankfurt looks like this at the moment,
the building site at the "Sudfass" corner is getting there,
sooner or later.
I just wish that the walkway will soon be opened again,
it's a bit irritating to cross twice the busy street 
in order to get to the bridge on your side of the street.

There are plenty or reasons to stay in Frankfurt,
i.e. Pasta Davini, 
the greatest Italian restaurant serving specialities from Tuscany.
They surely not are stingy when topping your
carbonara with parmegiano!
And the egg was mixed into the noodles at the table as well.

Click here for further details
(it seems that they concentrate on cooking, 
not on updating internet sites):

This year's unusually cold January inspired us to eat raclette.
Definitely another reason to stay in Frankfurt: good friends!
Thanks Miss Sophie for inviting.


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