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Grüne Woche blau weiss


This year you'll see Finland everywhere,
this 100 years old little country wants to show
how GREAT it is.
Therefore, this year the Finnish stand at the Grüne Woche fair
is bigger than in the earlier years.

Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and Environment
officially opened the Finnish stand on Friday, 20.1.17
Ceremony was overlooked by his Majesty Mr. JOULUPUKKI.

Taste Finland.

Have another try.
Mostly those snacks were fish, so no comment on that.

Rye bread is the new national dish of Finland.
And sooooo healthy, also without fish.

Close to 50,000 votes were casted in the vote 
for the national food of Finland. 
Rye bread was a clear winner by almost 10,000 votes. 
It was also the definite favourite of voters under 30. 
Other young people’s favourites included Karelian pasties, 
while those over 60 picked Karelian hot pot 
and fried vendace or Baltic herring with mashed potatoes 
as their ultimate Finnish dish. 
Bilberry pie was the favourite dessert of voters of all ages.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

MUSTIKKAPIIRAKKA = Blaubeer-Tarte / bilberry pie


Netta Skog is the name of this talented musician,
whose speciality is metal music by digital accordion.

Worth filming this Netta!

More snacks, more fish.

Check check check ... what's up?

German Minister of Food and Agriculture 
Mr. Christian Schmidt came boozing
and meeting his Finnish colleague.

Happy campers here as well:
Kim Palhus and Pekka Kääriäinen,
food and beer in perfect combination.

The newcomer this year is the strong 10% dark beer
with the blue and white etiquette.

Pähkinänruskea, samea, täyteläinen, keskiasteisesti humaloitu, 
mallasleipäinen, kuivahedelmäinen, paahteinen, mausteinen, lämmin 

Pekka's brewery Bryggeri has been a real success ... until ...
the Finnish customs started to treathen with horrendous tax payments.

Tulli haluaa kaataa pienpanimoita:

Yes, Bryggeri has English pages as well:

The Finns, they just love healthy food.
And they have humor!

Also the package design is ultra modern.

Sucrose? Wikipedia explains:

Sucrose is a common, naturally occurring saccharide 
found in many plants and plant parts. 
Saccharose is an obsolete name for sugars in general, 
especially sucrose. The molecule is a disaccharide combination 
of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose with the formula C12H22O11.

Sucrose is often extracted and refined 
from either cane or beet sugar for human consumption. 
Modern industrial sugar refinement processes often 
involve bleaching and crystallization, producing a white, 
odorless, crystalline powder with a sweet taste of pure sucrose, 
devoid of vitamins and minerals. This refined form of sucrose 
is commonly referred to as table sugar or just sugar. 

Whenever in Berlin I try to meet Marion,
she works in the Finland Institute in Berlin
and is such an inspiring personality.
As Mr. Joulupukki had nothing better to do
I asked him to join us for the pic.

Nowadays Finns are specialized in producing alcohol
(not just drinking it, so that is some good news!)
And again, special effort is taken on design.

This date vodka is meant for Israeli market,
it is Koscher, and note the decoration: 24 karat gold!
I did not ask for the price.

Question of the day: what is this?

Wikipedia helps again:

Emmer wheat, 
also known as farro especially in Italy, 
or hulled wheat, is a type of awned wheat. 

Along with Einkorn wheat, Emmer was one of the first crops 
domesticated in the Near East. It was widely cultivated 
in the ancient world, but is now a relict crop 
in mountainous regions of Europe and Asia.

A relict crop? Well, not in Finland, as you can see.
Online shop here:

New brochures for the German markets,
well done Visit Finland.

Am sure that many people still wonder
how clean the Finnish nature really is,
even though Tsjernobyl happened more than 30 years ago.
There is a lot of convince work to be done
in order to sell those great products in Europe.

As a SISU-radio journalist I was invited for a dinner
to the Finnish Embassy in Berlin,
the buffet was opened by Ambassador Koukku-Ronde.
The Embassy is decorated this year
with those blue and white comics, showing faces.

Click here and create your own blue and white Finnish face:

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