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Berlin, the Wall Memorial

Doe you still receive handwritten letters?
Really? Really not?
I do!
It is quite nice, even if it is only a note.
My friend sent me the article which was published
in the largest Finnish newspaper last week.
About carnival in Germany, in Frankfurt.

Text by Kate, journalist and former SISU-radio activist.
The pics were taken by me, last year.

"Onko siinä sun kuvia, kun nimeä ei mainita"
My name is also shown ... yes, in the upper corner.
Even my friend who cut of the article just did not see it!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

Wer hebt den Schwanz von der Katze wenn die Katze nicht selbst?
Who would raise a cat's tail, but the cat himself? 

KUKA = wer /who
KISSA = Katze / cat
HÄNTÄ = Schwanz / tail
NOSTAA = heben / raise
ITSE = selbst / self

Berlin at the end of January really reminds me of Helsinki.

Went for a quick trip to Berlin.
 This time I checked out the "Mauerpark".
Memorial area where the Berlin Wall used to be.
Where many people escaped, tried to escape.

The Berlin Wall (or “Mauer”) was erected in 1961 and, 
between the main wall and the rear wall, a wide strip of sand 
was put down to inhibit those trying to flea East Berlin.

In 1988, a new main was built further to the west, 
while the old one was not taken down. 
There were, therefore, three walls by the time the Mauer fell.

Walk slowly, also look at the pavements.

Check the walls.

Look at the pictures.

Rests of the wall.

A lot of information available.

This is how it used to be.

The wall was built.

Watch tower.

Walk slowly, look down.

Berlin skyline.
In January, a bit lighter than in Helsinki, I guess.

The watch tower again, seen from the visitors' center.

 The visitors' center, free entrance, exhibition and watch tower.

Rests of the wall.

Part of the exhibition in the visitors' center.

This is one of the pics that impressed me most.

Seems that Japanese visitors spent a lot of time here,
folding origami birds.

Let's get our history books out of the cupboards again.

Construction of the wall.

Walk slowly, look down every now and then.

Pics of the people who did not make it. Over/under the wall.

Walk slowly, take your time, look down.

Only one love lock.

Situated in what was once the militarized “death strip” 
of the Berlin Wall (or Mauer) that divided East and West, 
Mauerpark is now a social, cultural, and artistic center of the city. 

For over 15 years Friends of Mauerpark has been committed to 
preserving and promoting Mauerpark and its unique vision 
of a free and vibrant public space.

Read more here:

More Berlin pics in the next posting.

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