torstai 28. elokuuta 2014

Suomi Asema - Station Finnland in Frankfurt


Is it ... or is it not ... it is!
AINO VENNA Band at river Main.

Nice to see you again!
Astuvansalmen Amatsonit meeting Tuija Komi
in Frankfurt Westhafen.

Everybody, even Aino Venna wanted this colorful pic!

Press conference.
Yes, it's all about design.
Pics of my favorite products will follow soon.
In the meanwhile click here:

Snowball? Yes, a snowball.

Anna introducing Jyrki Tsutsunen, the Chef.

Marit Hohtokari is THE woman behind the scenes,
German help by Päivi Steffen.



Famous people.
Pekka, Iris, Kirsti.
Beer meeting literature.

Finnish beer!

And the food ... well, I'll make a collection of everything
in a separate posting after the weekend.

Dizzy Queens Jazz Band,
also to be seen on the Finnish stage
at Museumsuferfest!

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