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Trip to Darmstadt.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SUOLI = Darm / intestine
KAUPUNKI = Stadt / city

Das Darmstädter Institut für Neue Technische Form (Inter) 
präsentiert ab Sonntag (27.) die Ausstellung „Blumen Vasen“. 
Wer mag, kann dazu eigene Vasen spenden, 
die bei der Eröffnung auf einer langen Mauer aufgestellt werden.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SEINÄKUKKANEN = Mauerblümchen / wallflower

It is an exhibition of ... vases!
Maybe vases which nobody does want to own?

Most of them do look nice.

Glasscolorselfie with Karen.

Vase collection in Darmstadt.

Of course, including Finnish Alvar Aalto designed "Savoy" vases.

The funny part was that during the opening night
people could donate their own vases to the exhibit.
Here are the vases from the people!

One lady donated more than 10 vases telling:
every household should have 100 vases.
Ladies ( and gentlemen): how many do you have?
I'm afraid of counting my collections ....

At the end of the exhibit you can be lucky!

Not only finnish vases were shown, also one book
describing art of the Finnish glass designer Kaj Franck.
Father of TEEMA.

Vases in all form, all colors.

Mathildenhöne in Darmstadt.

The Darmstadt Artists’ Colony refers both to a group of artists 

as well as to the buildings in Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt 
in which these artists lived and worked. 
The artists were largely financed by patrons 
and worked together with other members of the group 
who ideally had concordant artistic tastes.

Check these net pages, cool pics:

Der Sommer 2014 wird surrealistisch! Internationale Gegenwartskünstler 

vergegenwärtigen in einem filmischen Ausstellungsparcours 
ebenso radikal wie kreativ Luis Buñuels 
frühes surrealistisches Meisterwerk L’Âge d’Or.

Darmstadt, not so far away!

Darmstadt holds the official title "Wissenschaftsstadt" (City of Science) 
as it is a major centre of scientific institutions, 
universities and high technology companies. 
The European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) is located in Darmstadt 
as well as GSI Centre for Heavy Ion Research, 
where the chemical element Darmstadtium (atomic number 110) was discovered.

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