tiistai 5. elokuuta 2014

Market fun


Konstablerwache is the place to meet in Frankfurt at Saturday noon.
The corners might not always be cosy,
somewhere inbetween Bratwurst smoke and parked cars,
but Weissweinschorle always inspires for good talks.
Hanko-Riitta, Berlin-Marja, Marbach-Tuula.

How funny, Schorle in English: Spritzer.

A spritzer is a tall, chilled drink, usually made with white wine 
and seltzer, club soda or sparkling mineral water. (Wikipedia)

Wanted to get rid of my old flower pots.
Planted some nice little greenies in them
and did actually sell them all.
Where? At the flee market just in front of our home:
Sommerwerft FLOWmarket.
Next year again, on three Sundays on a row.

Had Suvi and Kukka as next table neighbors,
they were bombastic sellers!

We were lucky with the weather, too.

This funny pic got very many likes in facebook.
Thanks Suvi for the pic.
Thanks my hubby for the bubbly,
you thought Suvi might never sell for a hundred Euros:
she did that sooner than you could think!
We others earned less, but enjoyed the champagne
and spent together a nice afternoon.

Peops, this vase is still to have.
Anybody …?

After Sunday comes Monday,
but still going strong with COOL cultural Finns!
Meeting at Merja's new working space in Atelierfrankfurt.

Check the dates for the next exhibits:

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