sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2011


Where else than in Shanghai is the spring weather grey and moody?
Yes, in Luxembourg.
The view from our hotel was still pretty nice.
Next door neighbourg being the moder art museum MUDAM.
Absolutely worth visiting.

Even the palm trees are grey ... ha haa, this ist ART!
Cheer up!

The most amazing colours in the middle of everything!
Daniel Buren is the artist.

Through his installation at Mudam,
Daniel Buren addresses the most symbolic “frame” of the museum,
namely the architecture of Ieoh Ming Pei,
while subverting, not without a certain irony,
the invitation to exhibit in the central space of the Grand Hall
(which in itself sums up the most important aspects of Pei’s architectural discourse).
In response to these “constraints”,
Daniel Buren is shifting an entire architectural fragment into the Grand Hall:
his installation taking the life-size form of the museum pavilion
(which has the same type of atrium as the Grand Hall).

Inside and outside ...

Yes, symmetry rules.

But the reflections break the symmetry in awsome structures.

Gordon bleu in Luxembourg used to by symmetric,
now it is rolled and cut into halves.
Still tasty, though.

Spouse's day saver: garden exhibition!!!

Spouse's night saver ... George Cloo... ?
No, this guy is a younger, Russian version of George - at least in this pic!
Mr. Vladimir Kaminer acted as guest speaker when DZ Bank celebrated whatever,
he really made all the accompanying spouses happy!!!

Vladimir who?
The guy who started the "Russendisko", successful dancing events with Balkan music
all over Europe. He also writes, just google:
"Meine kaukasische Schwiegermutter" and "Mein Leben im Schrebergarten"

This DZ Bank is pretty clever, they have realized how true this old saying is:
behind every successful man stands a successful woman... or at least a happy woman
(read: a Finnish woman ... HA HA HAAA ... joke).
Not only the Russian prince charming delighted the ladies,
also this Balkan Vienna based boy group: "The Philharmonics".
Cool guys, excellent musicians playing cross-over-classic "fascination dance".

Letzebuergesch für Anfänger, seen in our hotel...
just read it aloud, sounds really funny!
And makes sence.

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